Working with Dr. Coons brought about a significant and positive change in my life. Having been to therapists in the past briefly and not really getting any benefit, I was skeptical that this would be any different, but his willingness to really listen AS WELL AS actually hear what I was saying was greatly refreshing and helped me to reevaluate things and to get a better perspective on life. He is a friendly and caring person who makes it easy to open up to which is obviously a very important aspect to the therapy process. He also was able to direct me to other colleagues for additional help when needed. By working through problems and questioning different responses that I have to situations he helped me to focus on my issues and lead me to find solutions. Dr. Coons creates a safe environment and allows the client to lead the conversations and directions of the session, which is appreciated. My positive experience has allowed me to change my life for the better and has given me a new outlook.
Former Client

Dr. Coons is an immeasurably gifted therapist, and has had a profoundly positive effect on our relationship. He has an uncanny ability to help his patients understand their own emotions and recognize their own challenges, and to guide them as they develop and implement tools to address those challenges. Through our work with Dr. Coons, we have achieved a level of authenticity, vulnerability, and self-care both for ourselves and for each other that we would never have dreamed of on our own.
Former Couples Client

Dr. Grant-Coons is one of most effective psychologists I know. He is tremendously compassionate and helps clients resolve complex issues with great grace and kindness
Lauren Kerwin, Ph.D

Before working with Dr. Coons, I had already been through several helpful years of psychotherapy in the mid-1990’s with another therapist … wherein I mainly made peace with some of the challenging circumstances of my childhood. But several years ago the stresses of balancing a successful career, my recent marriage and my recurring personal issues left me feeling overwhelmed and confused at the prospect of managing my own life. But Dr. Coons’ expertise and insight helped me to better navigate these important areas of my life … while also helping me to create a healthy synergy among them. By giving me the tools to understand my own evolving needs, to set healthy boundaries and to communicate more effectively, Dr. Coons helped transform my overwhelming life into a far more enriched one. I am deeply grateful for his professional prowess, patience and skill … and I recommend anyone considering therapy to schedule a session.
Former Client

My anxiety caused me to have immense apprehension about therapy. The idea of speaking to someone for an hour about my problems made me panic; it was a vicious cycle. But Dr. Coons helped reverse it by encouraging me to go at my own pace. He challenged me enough to make progress without triggering any additional anxiety as a result. Within a short span of time, I was able to start mitigating my attacks with the tools that Dr. Coons gave me. I would like to sincerely thank him for his help and I encourage those considering therapy to schedule a session.
Former Client

Having worked with Dr. Coons, first as his supervisor, then as a peer and colleague, I can without hesitation recommend his services. His professional abilities, commitment, and dedication make him a valuable asset to the communities he serves.
Thomas F. Young, PsyD

I’ve gone through my fair share of therapists over the years for various reasons. When I started seeing Dr. Grant-Coons, it was because I was struggling to find a safe space that was welcoming of my sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Though I was comfortable with myself and never found my sexuality or gender identities to be an issue, it was important for me to work on challenges with a therapist who was willing to consider my perspective holistically and respect my identifying within the LGBTQ community. Previous therapists told me my identities weren’t valid, lacked professionalism, or just weren’t meeting me where I was at. He was a breath of fresh air and each week let me lead with where I was hurting the most. Some appointments I needed resources like tools, other days I was needing a space to vent without judgment. He was always supportive and helped me through some pretty big challenges up to that point in my life, of which I will always be grateful.
Former Client

Rick has been an invaluable asset instilling independence and self actualization into a life I otherwise felt unraveling. His insights and abilities to ensure your understanding of future decisions while still focusing on the present are truly unparalleled. Dedication to his clients knows no limits as he avails himself whenever and wherever when possible. Most importantly, I’ve never felt like a plateau was imminent or reached given his always instinctive notions toward opportunities to grow.
Former Client

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Coons in various capacities, and have found him empathic, open, and inventive–ready to think outside of the box. He is a wonderful therapist and a wonderful colleague.
Michael Liberatore, LMFT

Having never had a real therapy session in my life, my first time would have been completely overwhelming were it not for Dr. Coons. He had the ability to put me at complete ease, which personally I find crucial when it comes to building the essential patient/doctor trust. Dr. Coons is a stellar therapist, and one I would recommend to anyone seeking any kind of help with trauma, and, or an insight on tools needed to help control emotion.
Former Client