How to Add an App Launcher to the Lock Screen on Your iPhone (JB Tweak) TheUnlockr Loading... Unsubscribe from TheUnlockr? ... when you lock your iPhone. Now, click on the check box for 'Custom Widgets'. After this, lock the screen of your phone and from the lock screen, swipe to the side till the time, you see the "+" sign. Add, delete or move widgets on the iOS 10 lock When in the camera app, youll need to press the home button to go back to the lock screen. This post will show you detailed steps to add or remove widgets to iOS 10 lock screen. Add Text to Your iPhones Lock Screen With ... your iPhones lock screen as a virtual billboard. How to Add an Emergency Medical Card to Your Lock Screen on iPhone. How to Add an Emergency Medical Card to Your Lock Screen on iPhone You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Add Text to Your iPhones Lock Screen With ... your iPhones lock screen as a virtual billboard. Lock applications on iPhone, Lock application on iPhone with Lockdown. ICE on iPhone If you have an iPhone, you can add emergency contact information and medical notes so that's it's accessible to anyone from your lock screen. You still can add a message to your lock screen ... iPhone 101: Add a useful message or contact information to your lock screen. As long as the app is enabled, you can view the weather forecast on your lock screen at any time. Add a Note to lock screen on iPhone or iPad in iOS 10 by following a complete guide mentioned here. Part 2: Add WhatsApp Widget on iPhone For iPhone users to add whatsApp widget to lock screen, there is 'Shortcut for widget WhatsApp Plus a widget to fast chat with friends' app. This app can't be uninstalled. Turn your phone's lock screen into a potentially life-saving tool by adding important In Case of Emergency (ICE) info to it. How to Put Application Notifications on a Lock Screen in iOS. There are many question on site like Programatically changing the iOS lock-screen , How to set lock screen , wallpaper and Ringtone programmatically in iPhone? How to Lock iPhone application, password protect application on iPhone. 1. Dont try to swipe to the right while in the camera app, it wont take you back to the home screen. Get templates and instructions to add contact information to your iPhone or iPad wallpaper so someone can contact you if it's lost and found. You can also add a metric to Favorites so it appears at the top of the Today screen. Tap the app you want to add to the lock screen from the In Notification Center list. ... How to add new apps to your iPad or iPhone Dock ; Summary The Lock screen of iOS 10 is brand-new and this guide will show you how to add or remove widgets to/from lock screen on iOS 10. Swipe left while on the lock screen to open the camera app. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch have a brand new notification Android. You can configure the app to display information about the weather, your calendar, your reminders, and your battery on the lock screen. 4 Tap the toggle switch next to View in Lock Screen so its set to ON. At the bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen are a series of icons that appear on every screen you switch to. 2. If you're worried about losing your iPhone, you can take out a bit of insurance by adding your contact information to its lock screen. Tap on Medical ID in the bottom right corner. This tutorial will tell you how to make it.